Marine WiFi systems for Reliable Connectivity

Welcome to the world of reliable WiFi!

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The Coastal Marine WiFI system has been designed not just for performance, but also for long term reliability. It has the power and sensitivity to bring that far away WiFi hotspot right to your boat.

Based on the Ubiquiti Bullet M2HP, the market leader in WiFi radios, our system has been designed to take advantage of the Bullet's 800 mW output power by directly coupling the WiFi radio to a 8 dBi WiFi antenna, eliminating losses that normally occur when coax cable is used. More importantly, receiver sensitivity is not compromised.

Although the Bullet has been manufactured to be weatherproof, it is well known that the marine environment can be particulalry harsh. So we decided to develop a waterproof enclosure for the Bullet and that also provides a mounting for the antenna, as well as support for mounting the entire antenna/WiFi radio assembly onto a standard 1"-14 antenna mount.

Power for the Bullet is provided by an attached ethernet cable using PoE (power over ethernet). So the only cable that needs to be run to the antenna assembly is the provided 25ft CAT5e ethernet cable. Nor is that just any ethernet cable - it has been designed for direct burial and as such will withstand moisture and is also UV protected.

The other end of the ethernet cable is the local WiFi access point on your boat. Preconfigured to reflect your choice of boatname and WiFi security, this is what you'll connect your WiFi devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.) to. Once connected, you'll be able to scan for available hotspots and connect to the one you want (assuming, of course, you have any required security information).

The ethernet cable between the PoE injector and WiFI radio is restricted to 25 ft, but there's no restriction on the distance between the PoE injector and the local WiFI access point.

Unique to the Coastal Marine Wifi system is the availability of apps to scan for and select hotspots.  No need to sruggle with complicated websites, which is even more frustrating when doing so with a smartphone! 

The apps (currently for Android; apps for iOS and Windows Phone are in development) simply connect to the WiFi radio, display a list of available hotspots, prompts for security information if necessary, then connects to the selected hotspot. 

You can sort hotspots by signal strength, security or name.  You can select by hotspot name or lock on to a specific hotspot (useful when there are several hotspots with the same name) Nor will it let you mistakenly connect to your own WiFi access point!  There is also an app for Windows PCs.